• As a step toward helping solve the budget issues within our education system, John worked with council colleague Gene Smith, Dr. Kathy Murphy, and representatives from Hoover City Schools to draft a budget amendment in December 2015 to increase funding by 75% to Hoover City Schools, providing funding for 100% of the SRO program and passing all “front door fees” for new construction to Hoover schools.  John‘s amendment passed the council unanimously.
  • John has a 9th grader at Hoover High School and a 6th grader at Simmons Middle School.
  • John‘s wife, Beth, teaches instructional support at Gwin Elementary School, now in her 21st year.
  • No other candidate on the ballot has been as actively engaged in our school system for the past 6 years from attendance at BOE meetings, school events, rezoning meetings, etc.


  • As a member of the Hoover Planning and Zoning Commission, John:
    • Led the opposition to deny rezoning of property in Bluff Park and on South Shades Crest Road for a neighborhood market
    • Led the effort to rezone 273 acres of property along I-459 from multifamily use to a mix of commercial and residential use
    • Led the opposition to prevent a gas station from being constructed at Doug Baker Blvd/Hwy 119 that would have heavily encroached on residential homeowners

Public Safety:

  • Worked with officials from the Alabama Department of Transportation to install median cable barriers along I-459 from Hwy 31 to Acton Road, preventing future median crossover accidents


  • Led the effort to bring ridesharing services such as Uber to Hoover and the entire metro area of Birmingham, creating jobs and increasing accessibility to additional transportation options

Economic/Business Development:

  • John will actively recruit businesses that meet the needs and demands of our residents and visitors creating economic sustainability for the strong economy that Hoover has enjoyed for decades
  • John will partner with local and state leaders to recruit high tech/research companies to Hoover, creating jobs and diversifying the tax base from a retail heavy model